The precinct was very dark because the pillars of the office canopy did not glow. While emergence lights hung on the traffic tones shone along the pathway to guides people to travel before dawn. I then realized what hung damages the black rain thunderstorm had brought to the urban district after typhoon Sarika left Hong Kong yesterday. It was dry and cool leaving patches of thin clouds on the slate blue sky. People took the chance to visit the park early before another typhoon Sea Horse is on the way to approach our perimeter zoon. It was confortable that every body including the gossip group was busy with their occupations in the park, and so did I after settling down at the cluster of the metal canopy. As I sat down to study the view that I was preparing to paint, I began to worry about the measurement on distortions related to the concept of divergent concave. However daylight turned bright urging me to lay brush strokes on the paper, but sketching grids for the mesh of the metal roof not just took me time but patience to draw. I kept watching the time while the sun rose to cast hazy sunshine to the park while the nasty guy was on his way approaching the canopy, but I did not pack until the grid line was done.


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