It was very dark when I set off to the park. Considering the amount of time to paint my picture before the nasty people might arrive to disturb me that I hurried with my errant. It was quiet on the dim precinct and the entrance of the park where a couple of people were already jogging and chatting. Walking pass behind the viewing platform of the soccer field, I saw the plastic used to wrap the perimeter fence of the soccer filed have been pull down while the filed was still under renovation. After a few snapshots I carried on the way on the shadowy pathway to reach the canopy by the side of the tennis courts where to my the gossip group were actively exercising . Their active notions got on my nerve, and so the first thing I habituated to do at the cluster of metal canopy was to pour water on the bench to sure that no one would approach to annoy me while I was tacking with the diverged perspectives. Sitting at the overlaid bench, I saw nothing but a sheet of dark silhouettes. While I was waiting for daylight the nosy people also arrived. But then the measurement did not come easy and uncertainties rise on the peripheries, which might not match with the view on the right side. At the same time the hazy shine shone to intensify the hue of the pale blue sky and deepened the tones on the inside of the canopy edge. I hesitated no more when the frequent passers-by urged me to lay down brush stroke with no regret to make changes caused by the gradual phenomenon…


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