The alarm clock did not ring to wake me up. I dashed to the park in a hurry while the rain stopped leaving the ground wet. Daylight was turning bright by the time I entered the park while people have been wandering here and there. I arrived at the cluster of the metal canopy and poured water on the other end of the bench that I used to sit for painting just to make sure no one will sit there before I finish my picture because I was late. The scale of the segmental picture painted yesterday caused a big problem for me to continue with the subsequent segment along the top strip. After spending too much time to match the peripheries on the segments of the strip below, I decided to skip painting the adjacent segment but the one further on the right. By doing that I hoped to derive an appropriate perspective and distortion, which might look more acceptable in regard to the concept of divergent concave. The park regulars began to load the benches inside the cluster of the metal canopy, while I was just in time to complete the simple picture containing a portion of treetop and two of the grids at the canopy roof.


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