Gale wind rose when typhoon signal no.1 persisting during the morning. A few drops of drizzles fell but soon retreated while people went to the park to enjoy the cool weather. Tall trees shaded the Tai Chi Square gloomy and I saw no silhouette moving about at the opaque pavilion. At the canopy by the side of the tennis courts most members of the gossip group chatted greeting to the passer-by breaking the serenity of the quiet morning when not even the birds arrived to chip. I arrived at the cluster of metal canopy in the dark finding the bench not wet, so I poured water on before overlaying the plastic for my painting station. According to the theory of visual concave, the view I depicted at the top was curving vertically upward. Thought the scale of the object might be enlarged at a closer distance, but the perspective tend to stream down. In such a way the horizontal width measured on the middle strip could not be applied to the upper-most strip because the visual path tented to diverge from me as a center of origin. So if I continued to extend the edge of the canopy roof, which horizontal scale might be elongated to look weird! Therefore, before I convinced myself to accept it, I chose to paint the view stretching to the right side instead of continuing painting the roof edge toward the left hand side. It was luck to have the peripheries melded smoothly on the adjacent segments. As more people began to gather at the canopy, they distracted me to carry on with the painting, than I packed.


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