I never realized there are a several glowing street lamps on the precinct until I saw them this morning in a sense of peace, when no nosy people were met. The gate of the park was opened wide, and people liked to slip from behind me so close that they almost push my shoulder while I was taking snapshots at the entrance. It seemed that I began to get use to the nuisance and ignored them. The members of the Tai Chi group were unusually early, their dark silhouettes moved about inside the opaque pavilion but chatting loudly. While the gossip group sat quietly under the dimly glowed canopy by the side of the tennis courts, seems to have lost subjects to chat. I arrived at the cluster of the metal canopy in the dark and pour water on the other end of the bench that I prepared to sit for painting, because the passers-by were early too. I took out the sketch painted yesterday morning trying to meld the periphery to the segment that I planned to extend on the left hand side. Though I did not feel pains on the back of my neck when lifting my head up to measure the metal mesh roof of the canopy, but feeling tire because I needed to take several measurements to adjust the distorted perspective when the horizontal curvature varied. The park regulars began to gather behind me when I was about to apply the primal washy layer on the line sketch, and they dismissed without me noticing. Then subconsciously I heard sweeping sounds of a boom made out of large, dried palm leaves, it was the park attendant clearing the falling foliage on the pathway and it was time for me to leave too.


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