At dawn I set off to the park through the empty, dimly glowed precinct. A couple of park regulars walked ahead of me entering the park and vanished at the shadowy entrance square. A silhouette of people popped passing in front of my camera when I was taking snapshots on the pathway, while the gossip group sat inside the canopy by the side of the tennis court brain storming for subjects to gossip. I seemed to have got used to their weired behavior and get on way without feeling much bothered. Reaching the cluster of the metal canopy, I prepared my painting station when it was still too dark to take photographs. I did not feel fit planning the upper strip of the panoramic picture that I took one of the half done pictures to finish. The gradual daylight kept intensifying the color tones both on the bench and the tiled floor that my brush stokes were too slow to catch up with when people began to arrive. To avoid massing up the picture, I preferred to pack and leave.


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