The gale wind dropped and the gloomy precinct remained quiet with people dashing up and down. The gate of the park was half opened when the park ranger access to guard. I took snapshots at the entrance square while people in silhouette wandering around. And then I headed for the cluster of the metal canopy through the pathway at the back of the viewing platform, where the perimeter fence of the soccer field is covered to undergo renovation. The loose foliage on the row of the trees sieved the glow shone from the street lamp erected by the side of the highway. The glow tinted the park with a sheer of yellowish brown and I clearly saw the oldie sat quietly inside the canopy by the side of the tennis courts. The birds chipped nosily urging me to hurry to my painting station where joggers and walkers already travelling in speedy paces. The bottom strip of the panoramic picture was primarily wrapped up, so what left to do was to enhance the few ‘half painted’ segments. So I randomly took out one of them, which view was the pillar standing on the thin slab at the tiled floor. The bright daylight enabled me to capture the color of the floor tiles, but the gloomy weather faded the hues. I spent little time to finish the picture when the oldie on wheel chair arrived, and then I packed quickly to avoid hearing nasty comments.


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