Typhoon “Megi” hammered Taiwan causing deathand serious damages at the same time stretched its swirling pressure to the zoom of Hong Kong. At the gloomy entrance square I met a few people wandering under the un-breathable air pressure, and so was I carrying weary footsteps heading for the cluster of the metal canopy. After preparing the workstation to make sure that neither mosquitos nor people might approach to disturb me working, I started to paint the last segment wrapping the bottom strip of the panoramic picture with my numbly hands. The pains drew my attention away from the busy travellers and at the same time excused me to pay less effort on sorting the proper distortion and perspective of the view. In such a way I felt relax to pick up the natural hues of the floor tiles as well as the descending scales of them as they stretched near to my sight. Yet I wonder if my painting pace was too slow or daylight turning bright too fast, people began to arrive too soon before I could complete the sketch. Anyway due to the unfavorable weather condition, I felt happy to leave the undone picture to be completed for the next morning.


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