I did not get out of bed right away when the alarm clock rang and then slept to wake up late. The precinct was quiet with quite a few people walking up and down. At the entrance square of the park, people were busily jogging and walking, so was I dashing for my painting station. The first thing I did at the cluster of the metal canopy was to pour water on the other end of the bench to avoid any one might approach while I was painting, though it did not happen during the previous mornings. Sitting on the overlaid bench, I adjust my viewing position to the right then to the left trying to find out the proper angle of the view, which might meld to the periphery painted on the adjacent segments. At last I chose to paint the extended floor tiles stretching from the right side such that I might sit comfortably. The simple pattern of the floor tiles was still massively drafting when daylight was turning bright fast. So I tried to cover the sketchy lines on the paper with paints, unfortunately that the result turned out even worse. I lost my confident to tackle the problem with when people began to crowd the canopy, so I packed and leave the resolution for the next morning.


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