At the precinct, it was quiet and dark and the wind dropped. I met the park ranger checking the communication device by the entrance of the park again. In the shadowy entrance square the park regulars wandering here and there. I carried on my way to my painting station hesitatingly because the annoyance of the nuisance was still tickling on my mind. Neither the Tai Chi nor the gossip groups were present at this time of the Sunday morning, but the walkers and joggers rushing up and down the pathway and the track. I arrived at the cluster of the metal canopy to prepare to work while greetings of people wafted along. The section of the view to paint this morning was the other end of the bench, where I have poured water on, and the perspective at such a close distance was difficult to measure with a pen that I estimated it with my eyes and memory instead. Though the outcome looked simple, the paints covered the massive sketchy lines took me ages to draft. Though the park regulars did not come to exercise on the benches next to me, but the pathway and the jogging track were busy with people, that I decided to leave the details of the picture for the next morning to complete.


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