Though I felt unease to work in the park but I subconsciously prepared. Turning round the corner of the residential building, at the dimly glowed prescient gusts of wind blew the foliage on the trees to sway. A few people whom I did not recognize dash to their destinations. The gate of the park was opened wide and some silhouettes of people wandering about at the entrance square. I ignored their strange behaviors and carry on my way to paint. To avoid hearing the chats of the gossip group I speeded up my pace when walking pass the canopy by the side of the tennis courts. The restless feeling, about the nuisance happened on the previous morning persisted, that I poured water on the other end of the bench to avoid the nasty guy to stay. With the help of the adjacent segments I worked out the perspective of the bench properly, but then I lost my concentration to work on the floors tiles when one of the park regulars arrived. So instead of color pencils, I used paints to outline the perspective, yet the proper scale did not turn out right. Both the jogging track and the pathway was busy on Saturday morning; I gave up the greedy idea to paints more strokes but packed before the painting was done.


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