At the dimly glowed precinct, the howling wind blew the dry winkle leaves to scatter on the ground breezily. The park ranger enjoyed walking in the dark shads of trees after checking the communication device. The gate of the park was opened wide and a few park regulars in silhouettes wandering about at the entrance square. The Tai Chi group not arrived yet, but a couple of members of the gossip group already chatting subjects that I had no interest to know. I reached the cluster of canopy in cautious state of mind because of yesterday nuisance. So I poured water on the other end of the bench avoiding the nasty old guy to approach. It was nice and quiet hearing neither voices of people nor whistles of birds, while I put all my effort to draft the floor tiles where the slab of the pillar rested at the bottom of the page, then I hurried to paint when daylight gradually brighten. The park regulars gather on the benches next to me arrived later than usual while the tall nasty guy was not in sight. So I lingered the painting time until the picture was done in peace.


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