Upon the navy blue sky I saw the moon in full shape. And it was surprise to see it even rounder than that on the festival day. It shone dim light on the prescient where was quieter than the previous days. A couple of women walking speedily in front of me and around the gloomy park, they obviously became the sole pair of visitors, because the gossip group was not there either. I arrived at the cluster of metal canopy seeing a few people travelling on the footbridge at the far side, where the street lamp shone to guide them the way. Since I went to bed late last night, to preserve energy, I prefer to complete the half-painted picture of yesterday instead of starting a new sketch. Daylight began to turn bright intensifying the hues for me to capture as well as people began to travel on the pathway muttering gossip upon my work. I felt wise to choose the half done picture to work on, so that I was able to complete it before the nasty might arrive.


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