I woke up at dawn. Some of the park regulars visited the park as usual after last night’s Mid-autumn festival parties. I entered the quiet park when the gate was opened wide. A fat woman kept staring at me with wired eyes at the different locations of the park when we met. She then disappeared after hearing me complaining about her strange behavior. Inside the canopy by the side of the tennis courts, the gossip group was early and chatting about some Chinese ritual norms within difference provincial families. I hurried to my painting station without involving  the subject because daylight was getting bright. The view to paint was the floor tiles extended further on the right from the last segment, where a small portion of the plant bed edge enhanced the plain colorful pattern. Though the pattern looked simple, but the curvature took me several times to reconstruct. The morning was bright while soft sunshine cast on to the park, yet it did not encourage more park regulars to visit before I was ready to leave.


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