The alarm clock woke me in the dark. I set off to the park at dawn meeting a few silhouettes wandering in the gloomy precinct. I took snapshots at the entrance of the park while the gate was opened wide, and a woman dashed from behind almost hit my shoulder. Besides the couple of morning regulars chatting by the end of the jogging track, I was alone at the entrance square. On the way to the cluster of the metal canopy, I saw the gossip group sat in the benches inside the canopy by the side of the tennis courts, like a class of student gossiping giggly. I did not cared about the gossip because I was worrying about the nasty guy who might arrive before I could complete the simple painting. It was too dark to see any of the images clearly after preparing the station for work. And I sat waiting quietly  figuring out whose footstep was approaching on the jogging track. Then daylight turned bright, apart from the structure of the tiles, I spent most of the time painting the hues from memory than observation. People came to vitalize the park when the sun rose to cast soft shadows on the park. Though it was too good to share the joy, yet I could not bear the nuisance from nosy people!!!!


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