At the dimly glowing precinct, breezy wind blew cooling the temperature down. The gate of the park was widely opened under the yellowish glow shone from the street lamp. I walked into the park full of ginger brown silhouettes while the white hair nasty guy jogged suddenly in front and almost hit me. He soon disappeared in the dark alerting my alarm as I carry on the way to the painting station. The gossip group at the canopy by the side of the tennis courts was absent and not a single shadow of people was seen. By the time I arrived at the cluster of the metal canopy at the basketball field I heard not just the whistles of the birds but a heavy breathing sound wafted from the jogging track, and the fat guy jogged approaching. The wind blew the trees breezily sounds like a rainfall warning while the mosquitos took the chance to share my sweaty blood when I was busy overlaying the bench with old newspapers and plastic sheet. It annoyingly bit my arms and hand before I could wear my arm sleeves for protection, so I hurry to paint before the bits become itchy. Daylight began to brighten the park, but the wall of the highway bridge shaded the palms to remain in the dark. So I painted the tree trunks and the foliage to start with, but the situation did not change much when the clouds floated in turning the park into a sheer of gloom. And the hues of the scene above the highway bridge appeared in lime and below in pine green. Not too many people visiting the park on this LegCo voting day, yet it was time to pack.


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