I remained awake on bed when the rain starting to fall during midnight. I set off to the park just after dawn. I found the precinct darker than any other rainy mornings and the glows shone from the office canopy reflecting faint bluish light on the watery ground. A woman walked away from the park and I suspect the gate was locked. I went close to make sure it was locked because I do not want to climb over the perimeter fence, but then I did. I timidly looked around to find nobody was in sight. Yet I was not alone when I met the white hair nasty guy jogging around the pavilion while the fat guy on the track. The midnight rain stopped leaving all the benches soaking wet. And the one I used to sit for painting, at the cluster of the metal canopy, was of no exception. I overlaid the wet bench preparing to paint while daylight began to brighten. I carried on with the trees painted yesterday morning and the branches exposed in front of the silhouetted foliage were clearly seen. I began to paint the foliage with various greens as daylight intensifying them gradually. It was not too long when clouds float in to turn the park gloomy, breezy sounds waft from the trees alerting me to prepare my umbrella, and passers-by dashing for shelter. I splashed quickly the last stokes trying to complete the picture before the rain might fall too hard. But then it stopped when I was ready to pack.


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