The flicking noise of the amber rain thunderstorm woke me before dawn while I linger on bed until the noise diminished. But the roaring rain fell again like cats and dogs when I was about to set off. Then I checked the drawing kit again to make sure the paper for rainy day drawing was included. I met a few park regulars wandering on the corridor under the roof of the residential building while the watery precinct reflecting the colorful glows shone from the canopy of the office tower. After taking the usual snapshots I carried on my journey in the rain. I felt relax to see the gate of the park was opened that means I did not have to climb over the wet perimeter fence to enter the park. On the shadowy pathway, the rain did not stop, but fell even harder leaving shallow water pools on the unleveled footpath, which also wetted my trousers up to my thigh. In the rainy gloom I arrived the dead quiet pavilion at the Tai Chi Square and find the bench that I used to sit for painting was wet and water drips from the rooftop above. With nobody in sight, I walked along the curved pavilion looking for a less disastrous place to settle for painting. But I returned to the first bench with disappointment. So I overlay the soaking bench with the umbrella opened to keep the dripping water off. I found the view that I have painted a several times before, was not the quite the same as before, and the change was not caused by the natural phenomenal weather alone but the branches were trimmed for the concerns of safety in the busy park. I felt relax and peaceful when the rain let the regulars down offering me a graceful moment to obtain the essence of nature. A couple pull the prams on the watery square and hide under the pavilion at the far end when the rain fell again, which roar to echo the baby’s cry. I suspected the baby cries for rain to stop before rescuers arrived, and soon they disappeared when I was ready to leave too.


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