The alarm clock woke me in the dark. At the far end of the gloomy precinct, a woman in red T-shirt stretched her body under the tree that I used to take snapshot upon and I thought the gate was not yet opened. The tall street lamp near the entrance of the park shone yellow glow to tint the park into ginger brown, while the gate has been opened. Neither sight of people nor sound from the insect, but scatter lights filtered by the branches of the trees was found on the pathway. Near the tennis courts, under the canopy, an oldie padded her legs on the bench alone. The padding sound diminished when I reach the dark and quiet cluster of metal canopy by the side of the basketball field, where the nasty woman was vaguely seen behind the bush. I turned my back against her because I have to carry on wrapping the panoramic view on the other side. At the front of me, the hedge plant became the major element to be painted in mega scale. I capture a few bundles of the foliage in corollary shapes as to clarify the charisma of each of the stems, in such a way the row of hedge plant was gradually composed clear and clean. I put the foots of the trees and the lawn at the upper edge of the paper as the final touch of the panting. The sun remained behind the clouds, but people dashing on the pathway to avoid the forecasted rainfall.


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