I met no body on the way to the park through the lonely precinct. The strong street lamp lighted up the entrance of the park when it was still very dark at dawn. Along the pathway to the cluster of metal canopy was dead quiet except the canopy by the side of the tennis courts, where the group of oldies having their forum excitingly. Though images were still vague, daylight emerged as fast as I prepare to work. Instead of finishing the half painted sketches, I depicted the view starting to wrap the head and tail of the panoramic picture. I squashed the images horizontally making the scene look crowed, while somehow elongated the length of the plants. I sketched a tree on the either edges of the paper,  filling in bamboo and palm leaves within the bracket. Daylight brightened up to reveal details inside the grove of plants exposing more trees and bamboo stems growing against the wall of the highway bridge. My concentration began to diminish when noises and gestures of the passers-by began to fill up the space on the pathway and the tracks. In order to  avoid massing the picture up under the unfavorable working condition, I packed.


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