The dim glow shone at the far end of the precinct where I was heading toward the park. The gate was half opened but no sight of people was met. I saw an oldie sitting inside the canopy instructing her maid to do exercise when I walked pass the tennis courts, but I was not nosy to disturb and carry on my way. I reached the site, and scan around the cluster of meal canopy before wrapping the panoramic picture. In order to join the peripheries from either ends of the picture segments, I might need to paint the view from the left hand side again, yet I hesitated that the nasty park regulars might block my view of observation when they gathered there for exercises. But to complete a sketch within the morning, I needed to settle quicker than daybreak. Finally I decided to stretch the horizontal view longer so that a column of segmental picture within the panorama would be reduced. In this way I worried less about the actual measurement made by the brush but depict the scene with my eye observation only. I tried to keep the track of using washy paints for the background so as to allow the objects at the foreground to be revealed clearly by intense hue. The sun rose up late casting hazy shine behind the wall of the highway bridge, while people began to frequent the jogging tracks and pathways. I was happy to complete the sketch, captured with a sense of depth, before packing up.


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