I set off to the park at dawn meeting a few people wandered on the gloomy precinct, which was lighted up by the glows from the office canopy. Ahead of me a few people slipped in the park through the slightly opened gate, they quickly disappeared in the dark. On the shadowy pathway I walked pass the canopy by the side of the tennis courts, where the group of oldies sat listening to the wired chirping of the birds on the trees above. By hearing the sound, without sight of them, no body recognized the specie of the bird. It was very dark at the site of the cluster of the metal canopy, and the view that I prepared to paint was still in a sheer of dark silhouette. While waiting for daybreak I painted the pillar of the canopy by memory instead. Day light, came faster than I could finish painting the pillar,  intensified the foliage on the trees. The lime and pear green reflected on the foliage at the front overwhelmed the atmosphere of the scene and so as my picture. I tried to make a contrast with the palms, which grows adhered to the wall of the highway, at the same time, the dark seaweed and olive tones applied fail to create a sense depth but a mass of strokes.


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