I woke up late and dash to the gloomy precinct where a couple of people striding up and down. The gate of the park has been opened and a few people wandering at the entrance square. Strips of thin clouds in pink and white floated across the clear pale sky, and I believed it would be another sunny day. The group of oldies sat inside the dark canopy by the side of the tennis courts muttering as usual, while I was hurrying to my destination to paint. On the pathway, the nasty oldie walked along side with me heading for the benches by the side of the basketball field, with whom I would never regard as a friend. Sitting under the canopy, I began to feel anxious when it was still very dark by 10 minutes to six o’clock, because I needed to finish painting before the nosy people might arrive to crowd the place. Daylight intensified the hue of the scene, and I carelessly painted the background too deep to reveal the large bush at the front. Though the greens overwhelmed the picture by turning it into a sheer of monochrome,  I decided to pack when the paper was too wet to absorb further paints.


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