Thunder rainstorm fell early in the morning after the amber rainstorm dropped during midnight. I lingered in bed hesitating if I should set off to paint in the park until dawn. It was not too dark in the precinct and I met the chief of the cafe arrived to prepare breakfast for the local residents. The gate of the park was opened wide while a few joggers jogging speedily in the rain. I could not think of any other location to paint but the dripping pavilion at the Tai Chi Square. The square was all left to me but I chose to paint the view extending on the right at my back. Though I felt a bit tough turning my body to watch the view, yet when I saw the nasty guy approaching in his umbrella I knew I had made the right choice. The composition of the scene was not as complex as it looked like, and the three young skin paper skin trees became the major elements of the painting. A grove of massive palms and leaves accumulated at the rear by the perimeters fence of the park, which was the partition of the highway. And the hues of groves kept by the floating clouds and the isolated showers. The Tai Chi group was absent but a few park regulars began to gather at the pavilion for shelter. The fluctuating hues and the gesture of the moving bodies reduced my patience to tackle with the environment and then I packed and leave.


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