I woke up in the dark while the alarm clock did not ring. I dashed to the park and daylight was turning bright. The gate of the park was opened wide under the powder blue sky, where a sheer of flimsy fogs filtered to tone the blue down. People travelling up and down the pathways, while the gossip group gathered at the pavilion by the tennis court chatting about something, which was not my cup of tea. I carried on my way to the cluster of metal canopy and an oldie exercising by the perimeter fence of the basketball field stared at me. I had no time to care about her and overlay the soaking bench preparing to work. My plan to wrap the panorama did not seem to work out, and I went back to join the last segment on the right hand side. The other half of the pillar occupied a quarter of the page and few skinny paper skin trees were included within the rest. A large bundle of foliage in lime and fern greens, hung down the tree stretching toward my direction, become the focus of the picture. The watery pathway became nosily busy that  I made a pause to the sketch and pack before the area was crowed with people.


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