Typhoon signal no. 3 hoisted since last night. It was very dark and rain kept falling on and off without stop. The wind blew the tress to sway breezily on the glowing precinct. While no sight of people was met and the gate of the park was opened wide that I guess the park ranger did not lock it last night. On the shadowy pathway rain temporarily stopped but drops fall from the trees above. I took a chance to stay at the cluster of metal canopy so that the panoramic view could be completed soon. Yet when I saw ripples dispersing on the small water pools by the bottom of the canopy pillar, I knew the rain wouldn’t even allow me to set up the soaking bench for painting. I waited for the shower to stop and try to overlay the soaking bench for the second time but then heavy drops fell through the mesh rooftop again that I was further warned to leave. So I packed the damp material and prepare my workstation at the empty pavilion by the side of the Tai Chi Square. I chose to paint the view extended from the section that was painted on the previous rainy morning, where a concrete pillar stood on the way. Daylight brightened up the view inside the grove of paper skin trees to reveal a coppice of palm leaves at the rear. Rain fell again like cats and dogs driving the park regulars to gather at the pavilion for shelter. Though it was bothering but the rain flitting from all directions kept me busy. At last I had to give in to the phenomenal weather when the picture became too damp to absorb any more paints.



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