The wind howled to blow the foliage of the trees breezily on the dark, wet precinct. Drizzle was almost stopped leaving isolated drops fell from the trees. Under the deep navy blue sky I push the unlocked gate to enter the shadowy entrance square of the park. There was neither sight of people nor sounds of the insects or birds along the way to the cluster of metal canopy. The bench that I used to sit for painting was soaking wet, and the wind blew to give me a fight when overlaying the plastic. Though I won over the wind blow, but the station was a mass, yet I couldn’t care to bother but to start to work quickly when I saw a few passers-by holding their umbrella on the pathway, and instantly drops fell through the mesh roof. I worked on a half done picture, where  details of the tree trunk revealed better than other elements in the dark scenery. Rain fell heavier and the wind challenges me by blowing my station massy. Since I had no notion to fight against the bad phenomenon, and before I pack, I wrapped the picture quickly by adding simply dark army green to achieve contrast amongst the plants, and the result looks fine.


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