The morning was very dark without realizing that the rain was falling hard. At the door a couple of oldies returned home due the rainfall. I set off to the park seeing some women wandering under the canopy of the office tower hesitating where to go. I wrapped my drawing kit, open my umbrella to protect my camera and set off to the park, where the gate has been opened. I met the guy, whom I believed was the new park ranger, walking in the rain under his umbrella went to check the condition of the gate. I walked up on the sloppy path where water stream ran down to soak my pair of shoes. On the gloomy pathway, I met no sight of people at all, so I decided to stay at the pavilion by the side of the Tai Chi Square. Rain stokes fell hard hitting the tiled ground jingly, while ripples waving on the surfaces of the resembled water. The glass roof of the pavilion dripped water on to the benches so I removed inward to the second bench, where drops fell even harder. I did bother to change place but open my umbrella to protect my stuffs. Instead of the front view I depicted the grove of paper skin trees planted on the plant bed along the pathway and behind the pavilion. Though raindrops flitted to wet my picture, but I felt peace until the nasty guy came by to curse me in mutter. Then I knew it was almost to finish the picture.


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