I did not get out of bed when the alarm rang and fell asleep again. I woke up late by the bright daylight and dash to the park on the busy precinct. Joggers and walkers on the jogging track and the pathway vitalized the park, while I was lucky to find the bench that I used to sit for painting was still available. In a hurry, I picked out randomly one of the half done pictures and started to paint before the benches might be crowded with people. The elements constructed the picture was the edge of the metal roof and a large paper skin tree a distance further down from me. I carefully mix some pine green and olive trying to make contrast with the verdigris. As the final touch up, I painted dark tones for the metal roof to create a sense of depth. I vague heard the crowd sitting on the other benches gossiping about me painting that I knew it was time to leave.


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