The prescient was dark under the arctic blue sky. From a distant I saw the park ranger opened the gate wide, so I took snapshot while waiting for him to leave. A few park regulars wandering about the entrance square of the park without bothering each other, so I headed for my destination. The highway that runs parallel to the pathway having a tall lamppost, which glowed brightly to cast shadows of trees covering most part of the pathway, and scattering light filtered through the branches to lead me the way. I arrived at the empty cluster of the metal canopy as usual, where hearing no chattering of people but whistle of birds. I hurryingly prepared myself to paint racing the glowing speed of the daylight. I found that to complete a half done picture is no easier than starting a new sketch because the details of the hedge plant needs concentration to study. A gust of breeze brought joy to the park regulars who were exercising by the perimeter fence of the basketball field. But their cheers alerted my anxiety to speed up my work because more people might come to crowd the place.


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