The alarm clock woke me in the dark, while dawn arrived later and later each morning when the “Autumn Begins “ of the Chinese calendar announced on the 7th of this month. The weather was not as cool as symptomized, and the monsoon season persisted. I walked alone in the gloomy prescient guided by the dim glow of the office canopy. The gate of the park was opened, and I heard a couple of park regulars gossiping at the bush by the side of the jogging track. Thought I did not want to know whom they were talking about, but it was not a good breakfast for any one. At the canopy by the side of the tennis court, the oldies and their maid stretched their bodies quietly and staring at me with wired eyes. Anyway, it was still very dark by the time I reach at the cluster of canopy by the side of the basketball field, and I have to wait for the daylight because I wanted to add colors on the half-done picture made yesterday. So I started painting the metal grid of the mesh rooftop before bright light might arrive to reflect it into a sheer of white light. Drizzles fell on the quiet and slippery pathway and jogging track that a couple of oldies dropped by the canopy for a pause. My hand felt numbly holding the umbrella while painting in the drizzles, but it was a favorable condition to paint when the park regulars retreated at home. So I patiently drew the grids of the mesh with my trembling brush until the shower heavily fell.


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