I lingered on bed after the alarm clock has rung. I saw a shimmery of lightning flicking in the dark sky without realizing the bad condition of the weather, but hurrying to the park when it was still dry. At the entrance of the park a few park regulars were departing while the gate was opened wide. On the shadowy pathway, it was a little busier than usual, besides joggers jogging attentively, the oldies yelled greeting each other trying to wake the birds or the cicadas up. I felt wired to see the stone blue sky over casting the park with a tint of rusty color when a gust of breeze blew to release the my tense. I chose to depict the view involve part of the mesh rooftop and find it difficult to meld the periphery to the adjacent segment because I took the wrong segment to match. Daylight brighten up fast revealing for details of the scene for me to capture, at the same time brought more joggers and walkers to travel on the pathway. It was not too long a sheer of sandstone hue shaded the park, the passers-by dashed for shelter, before the rain might fall, and so as the  dancing group when I heard the broadcasting no more.  No breeze noisy wafted from the trees but howling thunder roared to urge me to pack. In a shot while I was able to complete a washy sketch before the drops fell.


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