I woke up before the clock supposed to alarm and it did not. I set off in the dark prescient when the lights from the office tower were unusually off. I met a few silhouettes of people departing the park when the gate was opened wide. We did not greet each other may be that was the way to avoid being disturbed by the gossip crowd. Some silhouettes of people exercising under the canopy by the tennis court, that I have no notion to care neither. I dashed to the metal canopy by the side of the basketball field, because I needed to depict the view of the area before the oldies might come to practice exerciser. In the gloom I saw only patches of silhouettes along the hedge plants bisecting the areas of the canopy and the pathway. But it was the perspective of the hedge plant did not meld to the periphery on the adjacent segment. I seemed to have forgotten all about the distortions occurred within the concept of multiple perspectives, and spent too much time to hesitantly commit an irreversible mistake. So to balance the visual quality, I depicted the floor tiles with exaggerated curves. Sweats poured down from my forehead while birds chirp to cheer me up when the problem seemed to have resolved. It was not too long that the oldies arrived to flick their bodies, and my sight was dizzily confused, so I took a deep breath and pack.


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