The alarm clock woke me in the dark. I got up drowsily in the dim light cast through my window from the street lamp. And from August onwards, I discovered that dawn begin to arrive late. The newspaperguy was not in sight but his trolley of paper left at the door of the residential building, and a few tidy silhouettes moved about in the shadows of plants on the prescient. The gate was opened wide at the entrance of the park and a few people were wandering about at the open square. I hurried to my destination at the cluster of the metal canopy when the foliage swayed to waft breezy sounds, then a few drops of drizzle subtly toughed my hand. Needed not to say that the bench under the mesh rooftop was soaking wet after the visit of typhoon Nida yesterday, and I have to sweep the water before overlaying the plastic. The scene at my back was the highway wall, where was so dark that not even plants were seen in silhouettes. The breezy sound wafted again while I could not find my umbrella in my bag. In that situation, I gave up the idea to make a fresh sketch but to add color on one of the half done pictures, so that I might leave before rainfall. In the sea of greens, I tried to distinguish each area of the plants by mixing greens in asparagus, moss, olive, shamrock, and viridian etc, but the gloomy atmosphere disallowed and the paints turned out to become a sheer of monochrome. However, it was the purplish edge of the plant bed and the bottom of the tree trunk stabilized the elements within.


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