I met a new newspaperguy at the door without greeting each other. After holding the door open for him, I dashed into the quiet precinct and he quickly followed. Under the navy blue sky, a gust of breeze blew gently round the corner of the residential building and a few silhouettes of people, strode on the shadows of trees cast by the street lamps, they entered the park when the gate was opened wide. Along the pathway, apart from the low pitch buzz of the cicadas, I heard some wired noises wafting from the trees like the sound of a running machine, but I suspected that must be whistles of birds of unknown specie.  The group of oldies enjoyed the breeze under the pavilion by the side of the tennis court gossiping something that was not heard, while the cluster of metal canopy was left to me as usual when I arrived. In the gloom, the bundles of foliage appeared in patches of dark silhouettes hanging down from the trees, but that did not discourage me to depict them on my next sketch. Daylight brightened up the simple view revealing the branches stretching from the trees interlacing each other; they composed a complex network sieving the sky at the background into bits and pieces of artic blue. Meanwhile the hazy sunshine reflected the hues of foliage ranging from greens of lime, mint, olive, parakeet, shamrock etc.. But the mood to adulate the brillant scene was once again shattered by the arrival of the noise crowd.


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