Since I set off late that I met a few people dashing for work on the precinct. The park attendant was so kind as to open the gate much earlier than the official opening hour so that the park regulars needed not climb over the fence to enter the park. I was on my won again when I reach the entrance of the park while the people dispersed out of sight, leaving behind the cicada on the trees to beep. On the pathway, I saw a clear pale grey sky indicating a dry, bright morning to come. So, to prevent my bench, that I used to sit for painting, being occupied that I speeded up my weary footsteps toward the cluster of the metal canopy. A few joggers on the track stared at me with wired eyesight while I was preparing to work. But that did not bother me for my main concern was to have the painting done before the place becomes crowded. As the view was extending on the right side I aware the busy situation on the pathway behind me, and it was interesting to see some of the park regulars stretched their bodies in the middle of the pathway with no consideration of the travellers. The oldies arrived to chat, excitingly about their following program, disallowing me to continue with my work, so I packed.


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