I set off to the park carrying the annoyance feeling arose by the nuisance occurred at the cluster of metal canopy yesterday morning. At the gloomy park, the nasty guy jogged on the shadowed pathway was the only person I met, and it seemed that all living creatures trying to keep a distance from the fraudulent poison paints that I carried, only the birds and the cicada whistled to cheer me up. When I saw a group of oldies gossiping, at the pavilion by the side of the tennis courts, murmuring about my mischievous towards the old guy, I reminded myself the purpose of the site practice while unpredictable incident is inevitable. As a result, I was left undisturbed to work in my place, though walkers and joggers stared at me in their wired eyesight. The sun rose casting insolated rays on to the plants, varying the tones of hue from time to time, but I have no notion to follow the track but painted from what I saw at the viewing instance. I subconsciously felt that the park regulars paid frequent and short visits at the benches next to me while I was concentrating on the scene painting. It was not too soon that  chats, broadcast music, roars of the vehicles from the highway mingled together while no body cared to identify them, and neither did I.


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