I stepped on the wet ground after the midnight rain. Glows from the office canopy shone on the silhouettes of a few people who were striding up and down along the gloomy precinct. From a distance, under the white bright sky I saw the gate of the park has been opened while the park attendant left after a swift check on the communication device. So I entered the park walking on the patches of water pools where reflected images of plants. At the bottom of the viewing platform, the wired woman stretched her body blocking my view, so I climbed to the upper level of the staircase, where water pools scattered throughout, making it a dangerous place to travel. I walked steadily across to take the usual snapshots and climb down at the other end to reach the pathway, where I met a few women flicking their bodies in the middle of the pathway under the cloudy sky. The benches under the metal canopy were all wet that I needed to overlay the soaking bench before starting to work. I painted one of the half done pictures sketched some mornings ago, and highlight the monochrome green picture by red petals blossoms grew on the lawn. Daylight turned bright fast bringing park visitors along to crowd the park, yet neither the birds nor the cicada were happy to chip any longer and so did I feeling panic to carry on with the work.


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