Roar of thunders followed by a flash of lightening woke me up instead of the alarm clock. It was dark at quarter pass five and I timidly heard raindrops hitting the metal case of the air conditioner. I hurried to set off to the park meeting no body on the way, while rain stopped. Walking along the viewing platform, I saw thin clouds remaining on the pale white sky, and I believed that rain might not fall again in a short while. The benches inside the cluster of metal canopy were all wet; especially the one I used to sit for painting was soaked with thin lays of water. I swept away the water with old newspapers and overlaid the bench with a sheet of white plastic sheet. Chatting voices wafted from the canopy by the side of the basketball field and footsteps of the joggers approaching from the track. I chose to carry on with the picture sketched yesterday, while daylight grew to intensify the color hue of the plants to reveal a clear view after the rain-wash. The sun rose to dilute the color hue of the plants and turning them into a flat sheer of monochrome green, which began to confuse my eyesight by the massive structure of the branches. I tried to put myself together when more visitors were attracted by the brilliant sunshine vitalizing the park….


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