The morning was dry and gloomy at dawn. I vaguely saw some flicking images near the entrance of the park where the gate has been opened. I slipped through the gate and a woman followed. She climbed up to the viewing platform ahead of me blocking my snapshot view. On the way to the cluster of the metal canopy daylight brightened up gradually, and besides the nasty guy and the fat guy in blue T-shirt jogging around, I saw that woman arrived ahead of me to basketball field mischievously. I was thinking, so far as she kept a distance from me, I cared not about what she might intend to do. With this scary experience embedded, I quickly prepared to work. I started a new sketch stretching the panoramic view to the right facing the tennis courts at the rear. Where a couple of the trees attracted my attention to depict. The trees located, clearly with a measurable distance, having the branches stretching beautifully upward to the sky. The sun rose casing sunray onto the buildings beyond the park, the brilliant tones contrasted to the dark tones of the trees, which were obvious shaded by the tall trees grow alongside the highway bridge. More people arrived late on Saturday morning, while I have forgotten about the wired woman but get ready to leave.


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