I walked under the navy blue sky heading for the park where the gate at the entrance has been opened wide. At the bottom of the viewing platform, I saw strips of orange clouds floated across the bright white sky that I thought a hot sunny day might be on the way.  As I was walking along towards the pathway when thick clouds floated in shading the park, and it was not too long that breezy sound from foliage of trees was transmitting around the park, and then rain fell instantly like cats and dogs. I walked down the cluster of metal canopy where a woman accompanied by her maid sat on the bench in the middle. The woman asked me to take the bench under the waterproof roof, but I refused and tell her that the bench was left for the other oldies when they approached for exercisers. She left in the rain with no further argument and I begin to settle to work under my umbrella. Since it was difficult to start a new sketch under the falling rain, so I worked on the half done picture sketched yesterday. Rainwater washed the scenery to become brilliant and air flash cooling down the heat of the hot summer. Daylight brightened up gradually withdrawing the rain while the color hue of the plants also intensified, but the park regulars were not temped to visit the park when I was about to leave.



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