Isolated raindrops fell as I set off to the park. I followed a woman, who pushed open the unlocked gate of the park, and indicating me to close the gate while a few more people entering after me. No body greeted to each other but dash to their destinations. I walked pass at the bottom of the viewing platform, where filmy clouds floating slowly on the sky while drops of rain kept falling. I carried on my way to the metal canopy in the death quiet pathway where a few people exercising in the middle. Under the pale grey sky, street lamps glowed in yellow bulbs and the view appeared in patches of navy blue silhouettes. I planned to start a new sketch because the color did not show up yet in the gloom. But considering the fact that if rain might fall, my two hands would be not capable enough to handle the situation. So I changed my mind to finish the half done picture sketched yesterday. I worked the layers out according to the revealing hues as the daylight gradually brightened to intensify the tones. Rainy weather scaring the people visiting the park while the benches next to me remain unoccupied when I was ready to leave, and rain did not fall.


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