This morning was very gloomy and thunderstorm was forecasted. But I couldn’t be bothered to return home for my umbrella. Gale wind rose round the corner of the residential building swaying the foliage breezily up and down. In the gloom I heard a guy yelling to the oldies that the gate of the park has been open. But the woman in front of me climbed jumping over the fence to enter the park and disappeared. I entered the park though the gate because I hate to climb over the fence when my drawing kit that I carried weighed a ton. Neither birds nor cicadas waited for me on the trees by the side of the cluster of metal canopies when I arrived. Under the pale grey sky, I stood alone scanning around the view in front me, where a sheer of navy blue film filtered the elements to become unidentifiable silhouettes. Therefore, instead of adding hues on one of the half painted pictures, I sketched a new one. As the view of the panorama shifting to the right side, the panel of the bench at my back got into the way of my arm when measuring the perspectives. The scene became clear when daylight gradually brightened up, while the foliage also swayed breezily to forecast shower, which fell much faster than I could lay primary washy paints on the picture. Raindrops fell through the meshes of the metal rooftop with no mercy, and then I immediately shifted all the stuff to the next bench, while a few park regulars rushed in for shelter….


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