I set off to the park under the navy blue sky. The gate was locked that people striding to and fro on the street without entering the park. I waited hesitatingly by the gate, while a guy arrived to climb over the fence and disappearing inside the park, so I did the same. While I was finding my way to the pathway under the brush, the park attendant stared at me because he was about to unlock the gate, then I dashed to the viewing platform when he was busy. Flimsy clouds hung upon the pale grey sky that I believe rain would not fall. At the area under the cluster of the metal canopy, beside the cicadas and the birds chirped echoing to each other, I was all left alone. Though it was serenely quiet, but the hot and stuffy weather made me feel weary, then I roughly prepared the station and start to work. Since the details of the metal roof was almost depicted, that I only needed to mix color for the plants. A gust of breezy blew releasing the heat while the soft daylight allowed me to see the mass branches clearly. Greetings from the park regulars began announcing time for me to pack.



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