6July2016/the cluster of metal canopy by the side of the basketball field



Rain began to fall hard at the door. I took snapshots on the way to the park while the howling wind blew to sway the trees from side to side, and the shallow water streams ran to gather water pools at the hollow ground. I carried my weary body to walk in the rain in my umbrella, and felt release to find the gate at the entrance of the park was opened wide. A couple of members of the meditating group retuned to sit on the staircase at the viewing platform for shelter. I was too busy tackling with the howling rain while taking snapshots of the pale grey sky that I did not respond to their greet and they retuned harsh hums. To be save walking in the critical weather condition was my prior concern that I did not bother with their nasty behavior but carry on my way to find a suitable location to paint. Rain gradually stopped and an oldie left the pavilion without umbrella, so I dashed to the cluster of metal canopy by the side of the basketball field. The bench that I used to sit for painting was watery wet but not the other two next to it, telling me that rainfall had just started, and there were more on the way. Then I chose to paint one of half done pictures with simple composition so that I might be able to complete it before another section of heavy rain might fall. A few joggers emerged on the tracks but the regular oldies as daylight began to turn bright and drizzle was hesitating. The soft drizzles flitted to damp my painting making it too wet to absorb any more paints, and perhaps it was time to leave.


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