1July2016/a cluster of metal canopy by the side of the basketball field



The first day of July is the national day of Hong Kong. The park was quiet in the gloom on this official rest day. At the bottom of the viewing platform I saw layers of thick clouds stacking up on the pale grey sky, which seem to be ready to fall down as rain. So I hurried to my painting spot under the metal canopy by the side of the basketball field, and the cicada whistled echoing amongst the treetops grows along the pathway. I felt like being surrounded inside a valley where no sight of people was found. It was still dark when I reached the metal canopy, where the plants appeared in patches of silhouetted and the bench that I used to sit for painting was watery wet. I suspected that rain must have fallen during the night, so I wrapped my working station to prepare the rain might fall again while I was painting under the mesh top canopy. I took out the half done picture beginning to added color tones but I felt dizzy from sleepless night, the gaze at the at the scenery appeared confusing in front of my eyes. Then suddenly I heard timid noises and saw a guy exercising quietly on the bench next to me. I was brought back to reality and started to paint seriously, because rain fell instantly.


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