The street was quiet with no human sight at all under the navy blue sky. Through the shady area under the abundance of trees, I reached the entrance of the park alone. I then pushed open the unlocked gate and close it behind as the previous mornings. Apart from seeing a couple of jogger flitted pass and disappear on the jogging track, the park was all left to me. Along the viewing platform I saw thin grey clouds covering the pastel blue sky by a shade of opaque film that shower might be the consequence. Surrounding by the silhouettes of plants, the birds chipped to accompany me to the basketball field. Dawn seemed to be arriving late that the view I looked at from the cluster of metal canopy appeared in dark patches of silhouettes. So I patiently waited for the clouds to disperse so that daylight could cast through the gaps. In order to meld the distorted periphery on the adjacent segments smoother, I made a pause to continue with the panorama on left hand side, but began drafting the view on the right. The view looked fresh and comfortable because the sun rises on my back and its hot ray would not shine directly toward my eyes. But it was too soon to feel happy when shower suddenly fell on my head through the meshes of the metal rooftop. I opened my umbrella instantly and holding it with my left hand while continuing to draft the scene with my right hand. Thought the view composed with a lot of tidy element at the rear of the scenery, its complexity was lessened by the pillar depicted in mega scale, which also reduced the workload. The sun shone alternatively with the falling showers, which did not put off the interests of the park regulars who soon crowed the place. So I packed before another turn of shower might arrive.


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