It was still gloomy at dawn. A few oldies walked steadily on the street with sticks. I found no body around at the entrance of the park, so I closed the half opened gate after getting in. Some un-recognized faces travelling to and fro in front of me while I was taking snapshots, but I was not in the mood to care about them. I liked to walk along the bottom of the viewing platform to watch the clouds scene, and took some snapshot of the precious moment. This morning I saw a several strips of pinkish orange clouds floating diagonally across the pale blue sky, while some grey thick clouds suspending below them, so I guess the sun might rise behind the thick clouds. Though the potion of the rooftop was a pattern simpler than the other half painted yesterday, I paid careful attention to capture the hues before the sun might rise to change the tones. I saw a lot of brownish red appeared at the outer edges of the canopy and dark red at the rim of plane on the underside, daylight began to intensify the fluidly images cast on the sand glass roof too. I wonder if the area was hot when the sun rose to cast rays upon, because the park regulars did not arrive after I have the picture done. However it might be good news for me to linger for a few more stokes.


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