Early Saturday morning was quieter than other days. The electric light glowed from the pillars of the office canopy cast shadows of trees on the ground making the place gloomy. The gate at the entrance of the park was closed but unlock. I slipped in quietly like a thief and dash to the viewing platform when no body was watching. Walking across the bottom of the viewing platform, I saw a stripe of pinkish clouds floating across the sky while some grey clouds were surrounding it. And then I left the platform to continue with my way to the basketball field, hoping that the sun would not shine too harsh before I might finish my painting. A few joggers jogged both on the track and the pathway behind, while mosquitoes came to greet and reminds me to spray insect repellent, because I wanted the area under the metal canopy to be all left to me. Though the sun was still hiding behind the highway bridge, daylight was bright enough to reveal the colors of the canopy roof. The underside of the rooftop was the sole elements depicted on the picture, which color tones was almost reflected in a range of monochrome brownish red. In order to enhance this simple pattern, I tried to distinguish the areas by using warm and cool tones so that a sense of depth could be achieved too.


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