The park was quiet at dawn. I saw a few silhouettes of people under the glows from the office entrance. I felt released when seeing a guy slipped through a slightly opened gate at the entrance of the park from a distance. Entering the park, I took the route to the basketball field via the viewing platform, because the groves of plants behind the platform shaded the pathway dark. Along the viewing platform, I saw pale grey sky with flimsy clouds hanging upon while daylight was gradually turning bright. Joggers jogged not only on the track but also the pathway that surrounds the cluster of metal canopy on the outside edge, they embraced me in the middle like a merry-go-round. The structure of the view on the sketch was not as simple as it might appear, while I spent almost the whole morning to depict the lumpy foliage on the trees, because the sun rose casting bright light to intensity the green tones. Under the hazy sunshine, passers-by began to travel round and round along the jogging track at the front and the pathway at the back respectively. So to avoid my dizzy felling to get worse by looking at the view through the reflective ray, I decided to paint the underside of the canopy roof by applying relative color instead of using relevant color obtained by observation. Eventually before I could overview the picture, the place has become too crowd to stay.


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